Sunday, 17 May 2015

Our Little Hockey Star

Tatym belongs to the Speedy Comets. She has lots of hustle and was pretty thrilled to get this award. My husband watches pretty much every game. We all love to watch her play. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Summer Fun

Turtle Lake 2014


She can sure swing that bat!! 2014

Smash Book

Made this one for Dianna. 


At Turtle Lake 2014

Beautiful Dancer

Precious Olivia.

Fun card

Livy & Sheila 2014

Sheila always has such beautiful flowers. She let Olivia pick a few. Livy just loved them and played with them most of the afternoon. 

My Little French Girl

Livy looks so French in this black tam she wore for dress up one day at Aunty Jax's house. Such a little beauty. 

Mom &Scotty

Summer of 2014. Such talent for restoration. I am so lucky to have received some really beautiful antique chairs. In this photo they have recovered a chair they gave some years ago. They make it look easy which I am sure it isn't. Always an interesting restoration project on the go at their home in Victoria. 

Boston's First School Concert

Such a handsome little man. 

First Day of School 2014

Tatym & Boston. 

Beautiful Couple

Such a great picture of Dianna and Kent. 


I ended up changing the red circles and made then vertical. I will need to get an updated picture. Boston just loves his trains. 

Fun at the park with Grandma

Olivia and I spent an afternoon together. We had so much fun. 

Ears Peered

Olivia got her ears pierced. She called it ears peered. Totally adorable child. 

At the park 2014

Zygmunt Family

Tatym Christmas Concert 2014


My Little Hero

Play Ball

Livy 2014

Grandkids in 2014

Gift for Nic and Ry

Beautiful Family

Fun card

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


A gift for a fellow scrapbooker

Memories of Family

Adorable Olivia

My Beautiful Mom

Over 60 years of Woodcutting

Beautiful Maire

Sweet Tatym

Great Grandparents

Sweet sister and family

Dad and Grandpa

Happy St Patrick's

Summer at the Lake 2014

Visiting Mom's Office

A gift for a first time grandma

My Little Mixed Media Artist

Victoria visit

We had a really nice visit with family this March.